Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Coming soon I hope...

Fingers crossed that this comes through for me!!!

I applied to be part of the affiliate program for TRX today and I'm hoping that I get accepted into the network. On days that I'm not 'Trainer Kelli', I use my TRX Suspension Trainer regularly to maintain and build my fitness level, even on days I can't get to the gym (outside of working with my clients or scheduled shift or track obligations). As a trainer, I think I get asked at least 4 times a week about what it is and where someone can get one because I break it out regularly with my clients. I absolutely love my suspension trainer not only because I can get a killer workout in 30 minutes either at the gym or at home, but because I can take it anywhere (my parents or in-laws houses, the park, track practice, etc.) due to it's ease of portability! It's addicting and my passion for using this piece of equipment has grown exponentially since getting certified in April 2012. My next step: getting group certified for the suspension trainers in May of this year.

If I get approved, I will be able to put a link on my blog where you can purchase one through me, which in turn helps me be able to purchase more trainers, which I can use to grow my clientele and the number of people I can group train with them. My goal is to be able to purchase enough that I can hold classes (6 people in each to start is a good goal I think) regularly at multiple gyms in the area I live in. I know that's a stretch, but hey, nothings impossible with the help of friends and family :)

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