Monday, June 17, 2013

Half Marathon Training on hold :(

The hardest thing for me being a runner is being injured and not being able to run.

Running for me is a stress reliever, lets me feel the wind in my face, and can take me to anywhere my legs will take me. I was training for the Harrisburg Half Marathon that was to take place on September 8th, but now will most likely not be happening.

I've been rehabbing my neck/upper back and lower back for about 3 1/2 months and added my leg about a month ago, but as of last Sunday, the pain got to be too much while out on an easy 2.5 mile run with my husband. I've had a few restless nights due to an intense throbbing around my ankle and am going to my doctor on Wednesday to hopefully find out what's wrong with it since therapy isn't helping, not even to manage the pain. Though one of the therapist assistants who I've been working with today said "I still stand by my statement that you shouldn't be running" (today's statement was said in a condescending/"I told you so" tone and she told me that I shouldn't be running 2 weeks ago despite that that was the 3rd week into my training plan) while the head therapist had told me to take it easy and don't push myself too hard. So, since Sunday when the pain increased, I did one day on an elliptical and one day on a bike, neither of which is affecting the pain in a positive or negative manner.

What's even harder is that doing my job has become increasingly difficult as a personal trainer. While I need to be cognizant of my pain, I also have to be able to spot, demonstrate, and do everything else that comes with the job. I'm hoping that I find out soon what's wrong so that I can stop doing what irritates it, even if it means going back into a walking boot for a while. Until then, I will find other ways to stay in shape and get stronger.

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