Monday, August 26, 2013

My clients never fail to make me smile

I absolutely love it when people I've trained in the past keep in touch! Not saying that I don't love hearing from friends no matter how long since our last conversation (cause I REALLY do!), but there's something special about someone who keeps in touch from time to time just to say hello and ask for tips.

This particular client I worked with for somewhere around a year and a half to help her achieve her goals when it came to her fitness. I loved talking about our current relationships, the stupid/silly things our other halves did, and how much I laughed when I knew I was being cursed at in her head (to which, most of the time it was denied) when I would push her through a wall in the workout. But no matter how much she dreaded my "fun" workouts, I remember her having fun despite the fact that I was pushing her outside of her comfort level. She always thanked me after our hour long sessions, said she would be back, and she always did.

I shared her ups and downs, the good times and bad, and I felt that I was a friend that she could confide in and could help her burn a few hundred calories while still being able to put a smile on her face. I helped her sweat out her anxiety when she was going back to school, sweat out her anger and sadness when her heart was broken, I cried with her when she told me new of her mom, and gave her a hug when I though she could use one. I still remember telling her every day that I saw here, even days I didn't, that she was a strong person and that she could make it through anything, and that I was there for her if she ever needed anything. That was my job for her because although I was her trainer at the time, I was a friend and friends are always there when you need them the most.

She was able to achieve many goals during our time together. She hit her goal weight, had gained significant amounts of strength, and the biggest of them all: she overcame her fear of water and became a stronger swimmer. I haven't forgotten the day that I saw her swimming and was completely relaxed in the pool. I've never felt so proud of the job I do.

We still stay in touch and although I'm almost 600 miles away and haven't seen her in over a year, I still smile when I get a message from her regardless if it's her saying hello or asking a training question. It feels good knowing that I can still have an impact on peoples lives doing what I do and it makes every hurdle I have to go over, boot or no boot/injured or not, totally worth the effort.

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