Friday, June 27, 2014

I'm definitely doing worse in the blogging dept....

So much for trying to write a blog more often!

My last one was 6 months ago, and much has happened! I now teach 10+ TRX Suspension Training classes a week, a few Crossfit classes (yes, the Y I work at is a licensed facility), and have a bunch of clients! I've also recently been certified as a American Red Cross Lifeguard Instructor! Boy does that certification list of mine keep growing!

On another less perky note, I've made the hard decision to not go back to teaching for a school. My parents weren't thrilled with that decision seeing as I have two degrees because I wanted to work for a school, but I had to make that choice and here's why. The last time I taught for a school district was the 2008-2009 school year. It's 2014. I haven't been able to find any teaching job in 5 years. I'm told I'm qualified but over educated, and have had to come to the understanding that the last two places I've lived (South Bend, IN and Carlisle, PA) it's not about how good or qualified you are as a teacher, but it's who you know and whether or not you're a local. This last statement may not be true to many places, but it's very frustrating and difficult trying to find a teaching job when I'm new to an area. Don't get me wrong, I love what I currently do, but I still miss teaching and seeing the smiles on students faces when they achieve success, no matter how small. While I've been teaching PE for homeschooled kids the past 5 years, it's just not the same, but I still get those same rewards.

I got many things out of my degrees which have helped me in the fitness industry, including having the ability to not be like any other instructors I work with. I teach my classes, both on land and in the pool, very differently. I understand the various styles of learning, have my bag of tricks, and have a lot of patience, to teach kids and adults. I also have a pretty good understanding of human anatomy, nutrition, and gained tons of experience (good and not so good) on what works and doesn't work during instruction. But, I do not intend to stop learning and growing as a person and professional. So for me, it's adios to working for a school and hello to the world of being a fitness professional! I'm looking forward to the road ahead and what lies in store for me!

Maybe I'll start posting some of my workouts to see who wants to workout with me and give some ideas to some determined people!

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