Monday, August 24, 2015

Almost there!

I'm just about 38 1/2 weeks pregnant and I think I've found the dreaded "wall" that's never fun to conquer. The one where your body can't do anymore but your brain keeps telling you to keep going. My body feels like it's physically done, but my brain obviously won't let it quit since I know that Baby S is showing no signs of coming out anytime soon.

I'm not usually one for whining when my body's had enough, but I've learned that it's at this point in the pregnancy where EVERY pregnant woman is DONE DONE DONE and wants their body back, to not be in pain all the time, to be able to put shoes on without help, etc. etc. Here's a few things that I can't wait to be able to do again:

1. See my feet without leaning forward
2. Put pants, socks, and shoes on without feeling like I ran a marathon
3. Lay on my back and stomach
4. Not bumping into people all the time because I can't "suck it in"
5. Be able to sit at a dining table like a normal person

There's more, but those seem to be my main ones so far.

I'm still doing my damnedest to stay active, and at this point, it's honestly becoming a chore, but I have to keep going. I will not let myself quit.

37 weeks, TRX Deep Sumo Squat

Yes, I'm still going to work and training clients (and I just picked up another!), I want everyone that I work with and who's a member at the facility to see that it's possible to be pregnant and work out safely. I want to be the inspiration and break the assumption that fitness is bad for a pregnant woman, or even a woman who's trying to be pregnant. 

I don't fit into the "one size fits all" pregnancy fitness model, and while I understand they're guidelines, they're not set in stone. Were you running before you found out you were pregnant? Keep going! Doing CrossFit? Keep going! Doing yoga? Keep going (I think you get the idea)! While I'm not running anymore, I still use the TRX Suspension Trainer, kettle bells, and walk regularly. My goal is to be as fit as possible when Baby S arrives in hopes that my labor won't be horrible (it's not easy regardless), and that my body will bounce back faster than if I had done nothing for 10 months. But what I hope will happen and what my body will do are two different things. Only time will tell what I'm capable of mentally and physically. 

"Being told you can't do something is all more reason to prove that you can."

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