Tuesday, October 6, 2015

It's official!

Started writing on October 6, 2015:
I'm officially a mom!

My beautiful daughter was born on her due date, after I worked a full shift, did a photo shoot with a coworker, and got in a workout for myself. It's been extremely crazy and tiring since she entered this world, but I wouldn't trade any of those moments with her.

Labor was fast and furious (less than 6 hours), my hospital room was a whirlwind when I arrived (I technically didn't get admitted till a few hours before they discharged me because of how fast my labor progressed), and my body hurt like hell for days (when fit moms tell you that it's the hardest workout of your life, they REALLY weren't kidding!), but in the end, to hold my daughter in my arms was the best feeling in the world.

Since her birth a month ago, my life hasn't been the same, nor will it ever be what it was prior to her arrival. Gone are the restful night sleeps, having "me" time, going out to the store when I need to, even getting a workout in now involves this tiny person and figuring out how I'm supposed to get anything accomplished. The answer: you really don't get anything done unless you forgo precious sleep sessions. 

**I had much more to write that day, but life got in the way of me typing**

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