Monday, January 11, 2016

It's 2016!

2015 was one hell of a year for me and my family.

I found out I was pregnant early in January, started a temporary position at a community college while their coordinator was out on maternity leave, and found a full time job as a trainer at the end of April (and I love the job and people I work with). 

I had one last vacation with my husband before we became a family of 3, celebrated our anniversary, turned 31, gave birth to my daughter 4 days later, bought a condo, and moved into the condo in 4 days (I don't recommend this to anyone, especially if you have a newborn), all while raising my daughter and dealing with a now 19 month old puppy and 8.5 year old cat, and trying to take care of myself. 

My journey of getting my body back into shape has been a tough one, but I've learned much about myself in the process. What I was most grateful for was the fact that I was in really good shape when I went into labor. Although delivering my daughter was the hardest workout I've ever had, my body was able to bounce back fairly quickly. Despite not having my abdominal muscles back to their full strength, because the rest of my body was very strong, I was able to hold my daughter, go for a mile walk a few days after delivering, and do some light lifting around the house. 

Fast forward 4 months: I'm back running a couple times a week, I can do planks and push-ups again (not for as long or as many as pre-baby, but it's a start), I workout twice a week with a TRX suspension trainer and kettle bells, and I'm back to eating like I was before baby now that the cravings are gone. I lost all the baby weight 10 weeks after her birth and I'm slowly getting my strength back. It's going to be a while before I'm back to doing what I could back in 2014, but I know I'll get there eventually.

As I watch my daughter sit in her Boppy while playing with a toy on one side of me and my puppy sleeping on the other (our cat is most likely sleeping on our bed), I realize that my life has changed dramatically from what it was, and I know that all these changes were for the better and happened for a reason. 

Here's to 2016.